Koegas Communal Property Association (KCPA)

Registration Number: CPA / 08 / 1146 / A

About Koegas CPA

This than led to the vision to strive for the promotion, protection, development and empowerment of Khoe and San Peoples in Southern Africa guided by fundamental human and indigenous rights values, including land, health, economic and social welfare, poverty eradication, agricultural, farming and skills development, women, youth and child development and upliftment programs.

Koegas CPA’s institutional mechanisms in the form of the House of the Griquas of Griqualand WEST Koegas Claimant Trust and the Koegas Agricultural Holdings Pty Ltd mission is to empower, develop and uplift first indigenous communities on the Koegas land in South Africa and to protect and promote first indigenous peoples human, indigenous, land, economic and social welfare rights in a consultative and transparent manner..

Koegas CPA values is to help indigenous communities to help themselves in promoting and protecting human, indigenous and land rights and to set up the necessary support and development mechanisms and institutional frameworks in conjunction with House of the Griquas of Griqualand West Koegas Claimant Trust, the Koegas Agricultural Development Holdings Pty Ltd and the First Peoples Judicial Council and Paralegal Services such as, institutional arrangements, capacity building, job creation, heritage and tourism promotion, promotion of traditional and indigenous affairs and the fight for the recognition of indigenous and traditional communities, poverty alleviation skills development and training